Dida Mulder with the Leica Q on pilgrimage, a unique field test.


During the making of one the documentary television program series of “The Pilgrim” through the Island Mull and to the Iona of Scotland, I photographed with the Leica Q.

Many days I walked for miles under hard conditions; through marshland, rivers, mountains, and along the coastline of the ocean. Sometimes I felt in the middle of the beautiful nature scenery of the Lord of the ring films. To capture this serene state: it was an ambition. The weather was different from rainy till bright sunny.

The Leica Q handled and felt very good in the hand and light. One 28mm Summilux-Q ADPH f/1.7 fixed lens is all you got. Sometimes I missed a 90 /55 mm portrait lens.

Because of the hard conditions and carrying all the time a 15-kilo backpack, the camera was protected in a Leica leather ever ready case. After the pilgrimage, the camera is still in a really good shape. So in this situation the fixed lens is a great advantage; the dirt, dust, rain and salty wind have less influence of the inner part of the camera. The only disadvantage was when the lens was mounted complete with the sun hood, the camera didn’t fit well in the leather “ever-ready” case.


The Q works intuitively. The Electronic viewfinder (EVF) is very clear and sharp. During manual focusing, a blow up of a particular partition of your image will pop op in the EVF screen. This is a really great feature for making portraits and macro’s.
The Q really encourages you; Focuses well even in low light. Shooting in low light without a flash is for me a rejoice. You can see directly the influence of light in the image if you alter more or less stops.

The iconic nature photographer Ansel Adams would be jealous how the Q handles in even the trickiest lighting conditions such as black lighting, extreme difference between light and shadow areas of a scene. All kind of graduations still remains so beautiful!

I was surprised to see that the RAW/DNG files from the 24MP Leica Q run about 41MB in size. But I miss the selection RAW only instead of RAW/JPEG.


Although in origin I am a documentary photographer, the Q encouraged me to see the details in nature. Also, I learned that this camera would give me many advantages when I like to act as a low profile photographer. I don’t want any concessions of quality and speed; the Q will give me so many surpluses.

This edition “The Pilgrim to Iona” will be broadcasted on the public Dutch television NPO approx. January 2016.


Dida Mulder is a documentary photographer and member of the Dutch federation of journalists. She is known for her reportages of minorities  and unique view on the world around us. For more info visit here website: http://www.didamulder.nl. For more of here images visit the Leica Q collection on our Flickr account.


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