Helsinki365 project met de Leica M9 en Carl Zeiss ZM objectieven.


We vroegen fotograaf Jussi Hellsten naar zijn project om een heel jaar lang Helsinki vast te leggen met een Leica M9 en Carl Zeiss ZM objectieven. Zijn voorliefde voor Carl Zeiss was er al in zijn DSLR “tijdperk”. Jussi Hellsten wilde graag meewerken aan een kort interview:

I’m Jussi Hellsten, film editor and photographer from Helsinki, Finland. Even thou photography in not my main profession, it’s where my heart and soul is. When I’m on assignment I mainly photograph events like live music shows and weddings, but from the beginning of the year 2012 I started a year long project where I photograph Helsinki to become more familiar with it and myself. I post new photo every day to my website.


Helsinki is not the city where I grow up but I’ve moved here cause of my carrier. So this is my way get to know my “new” home town. Also it’s my personal challenge to see, if I’m able to produce photographs on those days, when I don’t feel like it. I try to find areas where I think I’m good at and the weak parts to figure out ways to improve myself. I’ve been planning to start 365-project for few years now, but choose this specific year for two reasons: Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012 and it has been Finland’s capital for 100 years. What does Helsinki look like? How does it feel – how do I feel it? Or maybe it’s how I want it to look and feel like.

Even thou gear is not the main aspect when photographing I find it were intriguing. I like those small differences how each camera renders the image. Because I photograph most days of the week, I wanted a small camera with good quality and unique look. I wanted a camera that challenges me to think more about what I photograph. I wanted to have unique bond with the camera. That’s why I deiced to hop inside the world of Leica. And I’d be lying, if I’d say it was only because of the image quality and size of the camera. I cherish the long history that Leica has and the high quality status and respect. Also I wanted to prove to myself, that I don’t necesseraly need all those fancy gimmicks to produce beautiful and compelling imaginary. What comes to lenses, my cup of tea has been Zeiss. Before my M9P, I had 35mm ZM Distagon for my Canon 5D mark II and absolutely love the photos it produces. The color, the detail and the three dimensional feel is stunning. So first I got 35mm f2 Biogon, but quite soon I noticed, it was bit too wide for my project style and got 50mm f1.5 Sonnar and have been very happy with it.


I have photographed only 7 seven years more dedicatedly, so my journey to photography and to Helsinki has been just started. If you find my project interesting, I’d be honored if you want to check some old photos and maybe the future ones too. Keep shooting folks!

Cheers, Jussi Hellsten





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