Tip: een bijzondere fotoreportage van het Indiase Thaipusam feest.


Een zeer bijzondere collectie foto’s gemaakt tijdens het Thaipusam religieus feest in India. Alle opnamen gemaakt met de leica M9 en de Summilux 35mm F1.4. De meeste foto’s gemaakt bij volle opening. De fotograaf Ming Thein gaf als antwoord op de vraag wat nu de foto’s zo bijzonder maakt, de camera of het objectief:

“Both. There’s a lot of things that need to be perfect to get perfect sharpness: 1. lens must be in focus (obviously); 2. rangefinder must be perfectly calibrated; 3. no motion blur from camera or subject movement; 4. sensor must be in plane (factory assembly jig calibration); 5. lens elements must be perfectly centered/ in alignment; 5. mount must be perfect and hold the lens assembly perpendicular to the sensor plane. It’s especially obvious if any of these things are out the higher your resolution gets. And you can only control the first three items. The full size version is sharp to actual pixel level – and this was shot wide open at f1.4.”

De beste camera?

I have been asked many times, ‘what is the best camera?’ The answer of course is always that it depends very much on the user. Forget the technical aspects, counting megapixels and rating ISOs. The best camera for you is the camera that lets you capture your vision the way you want it, and doesn’t get in your way. A good photographer will be able to adapt to many cameras, though many cameras does not necessarily make you a good photographer.
How does one view a photograph? Photographs should be able to tell the story all on their own, without supporting text. If a photograph cannot do this, then in most cases the photographer will have failed. We could see long before we could communicate with speech or text; in this form, an image is one of the most primal ways of sharing information, emotion, thought. It is no different today.

What seperates the artists from the snapshooters is the deisre to go further, and to make sure your audience sees in your photograph what you saw in the scene. Sometimes lack of doing this is down to ability, sometimes it is due to carelessness. Always make sure the feeling is there. Forget about the technical aspect; if the feeling is there, the image is there, the emotion is there – who cares how grainy it is or how many pixels the image has? Of course, the more the better, but these things become secondary in the face of the primal message.

This is my manifesto of photography – to see and preserve the moment nobody else sees, and present it in a way that allows everybody else to appreciate it too.

As of 2011, a Leica Camera Brand Ambassador he will be running workshops for Leica in 2012.

Ming Thein | cinematic photojournalist
Professional editorial and studio assignments undertaken
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia






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