Chris Weeks review of the Latest 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH

A leading pro uses Leica’s innovative new super-speed wide-angle lens on assignment and gives his candid impressions.

Chris Weeks, a seasoned editorial and street photographer based in Los Angeles, is acclaimed for creating photographs that capture his subjects with unflinching honesty and disarming directness. His best pictures are imbued with the very same spirit that characterizes the work of the great photojournalists of the 20th century—a feeling of unmanipulated authenticity, of life captured on the fly, at the incisive instant, as it really is, rather than being shoehorned into a pre-conceived notion.

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Over Transcontinenta

Transcontinenta ( is importeur van bekende A-merken op het gebied van fotografie, video, print en interactieve educatie. Onze merken zijn: Leica, Tamron, Gitzo, Lensbaby, Metz, broncolor, VISATEC, kobold, Bushnell, Carl Zeiss, Tamrac, Kenko, HP, Lexar, Multiblitz, Lastolite, Datacolor, Mola, Hedler, Datacolor, Polaroid, The Impossible Project, Juden Juka, Gossen, Artisan & Artist, Lenspen, Gary Fong, Azden, Novoflex, Tetenal, Technotape, B&W International, Delkin, Telefunken, Kaiser Fototechnik, Rotatrim, Agfa, ION the Actioncam en Cotton Carrier. Bezoekadres en Pro-Room: Tarwestraat 29 2153 GE Nieuw-Vennep
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