Leica S-System delivers the ultimate Fantasy Portraits


Leica’s professional digital camera system, the Leica S-System, has been chosen by fashion photographer Yves de Contades to create a unique set of photographs of some of the UK’s leading creative directors. Named ‘Fantasy Portraits’, the collection will exhibited in June 2010.

Leica S-System delivers the ultimate Fantasy Portraits

Yves de Contades, who is also creative director of luxury brand magazine, International Life, approached forty leading creative gurus from the UK’s advertising and design industry with the question ‘What is your ultimate Fantasy Portrait?’ The results were an intoxicating mix of the quirky, the clever and the downright bizarre, from a digital robot, a spaceman bouncing through Piccadilly Circus to a dragon slaying ninja.

All images were shot exclusively on the new Leica S-System. After the shoot, Yves commented, “My vision was to bring to life the weird and wonderful imagination of some the UK’s most creative minds. It was refreshing to collaborate on a project focused solely on creatives, who are generally preoccupied with their clients’ brands.”

Yves added, “The Leica S-System is a step forward in technology that harks back to real photography, as it combines the latest digital medium format with the highest end camera body, designed by photographers for photographers. Once you have used this camera, you cannot help but fall in love with it.




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